Gas Compressor Station ACS03

Construction of Gas Compression Station, Fieri-Albania.

Owner: TAP AG

Contractor: JV Renco-Terna

Sub-Contractor: APM sh.p.k

Location: Fier, Albania.

Description:The Gas Compression Station is designed for 3 compressors driven by gas turbine (3×14.7 MW).

The work include pre-fabrication and field installation of pipeline, installation of Gas Coolers & collectors, 3 Oil Cooler, 3 Compressors,  3 Gas Turbines, Vent stack, Water tank and Fire water system, 3 Air Coolers, Gas Power Generator, 3 Auxiliary  Generators, 3 Filter Separators, welding and installation of  Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, etc.
Total welding includes 70.000" of various diameter, thickness & material.
Max diameter 48" and thk 60mm on SS.

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