Why Production and Mechanical Parts is a priority sector for APM?

After a difficult year in (2020-2021) due to the covid-19, it’s presumed to have good news in the manufacturing industry during 2022. Demand for fabricated metal products is expected to grow in an acceptable rate in the coming years.

Over the past months, the companies has seen a massive supply chain disruption and the cost of raw materials has – and will continue to – fluctuate.

APM systematically organized its knowledge to take control of the capabilities and services maximizing the speed and efficiency of production, to put your operation in the best possible position for whatever the future holds.
Below we are touching some tips why Production and Mech. Parts is priority in APM.

Investments in integration and automation of production industries.

Our main focus is updating and modernizing equipment and machinery for the fabrication and processing of various steel processes. APM Factory includes a considerable number of equipment for various processes which can reach the proper shape and demands of its clients. Steel Fabrication and Mechanical Parts for the automotive sector, for years now, have covered a significant part of the APM economy. Most of this sector is covered by exports and European market.

Willingness and cooperation with our customers.

Our staff is always ready to assist and provide the right solution to our customer’s requirements. APM can cover projects from design to the final assembly process. Our team can provide an accurate forecast for the activity line of your products. APM has an organized staff with excellent engineering output adapted with development strategies in the work management and time management.


The geographical location allows us a quick access to national highways and ports of Vlora and Durres where we can reach any destination in the world. Our staff will systematically follow the transportation of the products to the right destination, respecting the set deadline.

Our products and services are all certified and accompanied by relevant quality documents.
APM is open for collaboration and assisting your projects including all the processes from the production in our workshop to the field installation process.

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