APM sh.p.k is an Albanian industrial construction company specialized in the fabrication of complex steel projects, established in January 2012.

The history begins in 1995, when Albstar, a civil construction company was founded. Steel fabrication was an important department of Albstar. Due to the growing demands in the steel fabrication sector and Oil & Gas industry, in 2011, was decided to create a new company branded as “APM” with the only focus on steel fabrication. Due to an extensive inherited experience in the Oil & Gas sector and in the field of Industrial Construction, APM immediately took an important role within Albstar Group, now and since beginning demonstrated strength and determination in the projects carried out.

Over the years, we have implemented projects of different importance but we have paid maximum attention to everyone. From 2019 APM is part of FINMAN Group.

Working, we have grown and improved, that’s well demonstrated by the numerous local and international projects. Collaboration includes international companies operating in Albania and abroad. A special attention in APM is the export of our products. Our clients have entrusted us with simplifying their work. APM has a production capacity of approximately 700 Ton/month. Heavy investment in infrastructure, updating and sophistication of equipment and tools allows APM to meet the requirements of its clients.

Today APM operates in several important sectors of industry, such as Oil & Gas, Civil with fabrication of Steel bridges, Social and industrial steel structural buildings, energy sector and mechanical parts for automotive sector.

Check our portfolio in:

Whether it is a highway, rural bridge or pedestrian we take care to improve the landscape both aesthetically and environmentally. Our production shop equipped with the highest technology including fully automatic welding plants are able to produce any shape and size of bridge.

Our Team

Design, procurement, fabrication, delivery and field installation are managed by a dedicated team of experienced engineers specialized in the management of complex projects, ensuring compliance with time, costs and safety above all. Our staff is on the ground to continuously manage each stage of the Supply Chain operation. APM employs engineers who direct machining processes and inspect tooling and equipment to ensure that we meet all demands and requirements.

A special attention is given to the Logistics Department. Our staff will systematically follow the fulfillment of your requirements, organizing the export packaging and shipment directly to your worksite in safety, respecting the set deadline.

Knowledge, expertise and experience of our team can be a significant factor in identifying cost-effective solutions, in terms of both production and installation.


Quality is the most important task of our work. Our aim is to provide our services and products with high quality. Our experienced QC Team is on the ground to continuously follow each phase of the work doing dimensional checks, visual control and other non-destructive testing methods on welds and raw materials.

APM Engineering always performs the projects with certified welders according to EN 9606. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding methods are available in our fabrication shop.

What we offer in Export Management?

We are able to continuously supply the chain of our customers in the European market, since several years we have gained the trust and confidence in Western European countries.

APM can assist the supply chain management with fabricated steel structures such as:

◉ Fabricated steel structures for Bridges, including pedestrian and highway bridges.
◉ Fabricated steel structures for Civil works, Buildings, Warehouses, Stores, Parking lots, etc.
◉ Fabricated steel works for Energy and Renewable Energy, Wind Tower, Hydropower Plants, Waste Processing Plants, etc.
◉ Metal Fabrication for Oil & Gas Industry, Tanks & Vessels, pipeline etc.
◉ Welded Structures.
◉ Metal Carpentry.
◉ Production of Steel Parts.
◉ Mechanical Parts for automotive and machinery sector.

What makes APM so special is providing High Quality Services at a low cost including a Guaranteed Shipment.

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